So Just How Often DO Grave Robbers Tangel With The UnDead?
I'm Afraid Too Often!

The Undead

    I have lost many friends of mine to the seamingly dead, but
shockingly not, forces of the night.  I'm sorry to say that sometimes we
grave robbers are to blame for the monsters unleashed on this world.
For When we open a coffin or tomb we have no idea just what is
waiting for us, it may seem to be a perfectly dead body one second 
and then rise from it's peace the next.  I myself have only seen an
undead, refering to zombies, once in my life.  The Story is a horrible
one indeed!

The Story

It was a cool August night, the wind was not blowing, the owls were not hooting, and the wolfs were night singing. It was a very odd night and my partner noted this, he said to me while we were digging to reach our goal "Tonight is the night of deadly fate and eternal unrest, for the beasts do not howl and the insects dare not bite." Now I ,at the time, was fairly new to the clan and scoffed at his warning. "You speak of demons and witchcraft dear friend, not of reality and sanity." Oh I was to be the fool that night.

We had just uncoverd the coffin and were about to open it when we first heard the scratching, I told my partner that it was just some lowly creature looking for his dinner. My partner's eyes were ablaze with a fear which I was to young then to understand. However, I insisted that we continue. We opened to coffin and wee sacking the goods when my partner screamed alowd. "did you see that Redd? The corpse it's eyes moved." I glanced down at the corpse and saw nothing unsual and scoffed at his coment.

We had gatherd all things of value and had put the coffin lid back on when we heard the scratching once again. I, a little alarmed this time, yanked the coffin lid off and looked inside. The sight I saw I will never forget, as I looked in on the corpse the corpse looked back at me! I thought my god I must be going mad, such a thing is not possible! I turned to run thinking my partner was right behind me and when I reached the Gates of the tomb and looked back my partner was not there!

The next morning I and a few fellow clan members searched the tomb, but no sign of my partner was to be found. Even more horrifing is that the corpse was also missing. Even now I ask myself almost every night, what have I unleashed upon this world?


A ghost is not a true undead, it is mearly the soul of one in torment come back to life to find away to get the peace it longs in death. Sometimes it's a broken hearted lover come back to huant the one who destoryed it's love, or a lonely soul who's trust was shatterd. There are many reasons that a ghost might be hauting about, Ghost usualy only harm those who have caused it's soul to be in the state of unrest that keeps it from passing to the afterlife. However ther are cases where a ghost has been known to haunt anyone who comes within a certain area, for example haunted houses and such. I have only seen two ghosts, one was from a distance, the other was shockingly close...

The Ghost Story

Late December in the year of 1983, it was so very cold; thus i wa to only of my clan to venture out that night. It was very gently snowing that night, I remember this because it was the soft calling on the snow on my window that lured me out that night. I decided not to go too work that night, I would have had to work alone which is something I don't like to do very often, so instead I just made up my mind to walk about the local forest path.

The Forest is so beutiful under a blanket of freshly fallen snow and I do so admire the sight of winter. I was taking in the peace of the moment when, despite the cold, the air suddenly got colder. I am no fool an reconized the unatural qulity of the situation instantly, but what could be the reason for it? I decided not to pay any attension to the matter and walked further down the path.

Eventualy the path became so very dark, the trees were so dense in this area that they blocked out the ligt of the moon. This was something I didn't care for so I decided to turn back at this point. No sooner did I turn in the other direction then I first heard the sounds. Strange uncanny sounds, like nothing I had ever heard before in life or in dreams. What could be the source; what was the source of these sounds?

Up to this point I had managed to keep my calm, but now with the new element of sound on an otherwise peaceful night, the first chill was sent down my spin. My steps became more brisk and hastend in their pace. I could not escape the feeling of eternal pain and torment in the air. My god was I going mad, surely there was nothing to fear on this night, this I wanted to believe yet could not.

Suddenly I felt a cold pain on my shoulder, as if the icey hand of death it's self had brought it's self upon me. I turned, yes I turned and it was then I saw the ghost. She was a lovely creature, a delicate child who apeard to be the age of nine or ten, a lumanice glow about her told me she wasn't human.

She reached out a hand towards me, at first I put my hand out to reach hers, then realizing the affect this action may have on me I pulled my hand back as quickly as i could. After I did this the child appeared to be crying, as if I had hurt her in a way i could never understand. It was then the first crack of dawn light over the mountains, the child was gone. It was then that I lost consciousness.

Theatch found me about an hour later, and dragged me back to my cabin. When I awoke he asked me what I was doing out there and I told him my story just as I have told it to you. He told me a tale of one little girl named Mina who's mother cast her out on a cold night much like the one I just had. It is said that the girl died that night, not from the cold but from the feeling of rejection and that on nights like the last she wanders about looking for someone who will accept her and love her. It was only then that I understood the sadnedd on her face when I took my hand out of reach from her grasp, it was then that I realized what I could have ended that night. I could have ended one little girls eternal torment with just one touch of human compation.