The Dark Poet

Poetry is by far the best way that I can express my life. These poems range from bad to okay and have been written over a long period of time. They express my darkest thoughts and happiest moments. They are my gift to you, the reader. Learn from my pains, my glories, and my lust. Experience, in a word, is wisdom.

The Poems

Dead Dreams
Saint Anthony
Guilty Conviction
Iron Will
La Femme Mystiquel
Whores For Whores
A Daemon's Client
Silent Admirer
Of Salt and Sin
Lilac Angel
The Envous Child
My Dear Doctor
Prison Of Flesh
Eternal Winter
The Czar Of Dreaming
Tomorrow's Pain
A Fever So Cold
The City In The Sea: My all time favorite poem by, the master, Edgar Allan Poe

This Grave Has Been Robbed times.