The Grave Robbers of my Clan

We number few in my clan, yet we are almost the oldest of France's Grave Robbing Clans that are still active. We have some clan members whose clan names have been in the family a very long time; most notably the families of Daggot and Theatch. On the other hand we have clan members who are very new to the concept and are first generation grave robbers. Either way my clan members are listed below with a short history of each.

The List

Bain The Second: Bain is a second generation clan member, his father before him was exicuted for witchcraft by his fellow clan members. Bain the Second has never quite liked being a clan member, but doesn't know any other way to be. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but he does his job well and I am greatful to him for that.

Daggot The Seventh: Daggot has a long family history which you can view here (The Daggot Family History). Daggot is a much needed element to the clan, she is both kind and wise. She is the only female member of the clan to date and i think that get's to her sometimes. However, I don't think the clan could function without her.

Glim The Fourth: Though as a rock, Glim is one of the key members of the clan. He is totaly unfazeable, he has tangled with the undead and it didn't even shock him. Fear is beyond him, for this reason alone I have always felt safety at the side of Glim while on the job.

Jamie: Jamie is a first generation grave robber, despite his lack of credit I am often surprized by Jamies willingness to learn our ways. He came too our clan one night in 1995 asking to join the clan. His parents who, he claims, were ghost hunters had been killed and he seeked dark vengance which he thinks he can gain through grave robbing.

Mylo The Second: Mylo is a doctor who has a history of the supernatural in his family. It seems that Mylo has some dark secret that his family has forced upon him. Mylo has been charged with murder before, but the charges were droped due to lack of evidence, but somewhere deep in the back of my mind I think Mylo is guilty and wants to see just how long he can get away with his crimes.

Theatch The Tenth: The oldest family in our clan that still is with us today is the Theatch family. Theatch the Tenth is wise and knowns the leagends and lore of our clan by heart. I think that time has made him a little mad, he sometimes dissapears for days at a time and then claims he has no recolection of where he's been. Oh my dear Theatch, just what does go on inside your head?

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