Welcome My Cult Brothers and Sisters

Our profession is older then politics, older then maybe even our gods', we are members of the Cultes Des Goules. Our sins are great and our lives are dangerous, yet it is what we do and what we will always do. I am Sate Redd the head of the Grave-Robber Cult in rural France. I am honored to be a member of the Cult, I have seen things that would make most men go mad. I know things about this world that even H.P. Lovecraftt himself could not even dream of. All in all I know the unspeakable and yet I do not fear this, it is the way of my people, it is the way of life.

My Own Dark World

Members of my Clan:A few of My Clan's current members
Dead Chase: A Play: This is a Script I wrote and "suprize" it involves Grave Robbers
Bain's Music Page
Jamie's Music Page
Dark Poetry: My own Poetry
The Undead in the World Of Grave Robbing: Where do the undead fit into the world of grave robbing?
Book Reviews: What else do I have to do all day?
Quotes to Die by:Quotes from differnt things in life
The Grave Robbers Top Ten:See who we would like to become grave robbers.
Join The Night Breeds: Join the Night Breeds
Links to my Friend's Homepages

What You Can Find In This Unholy Place

On this Page you Can find links to other brothers of the dark and a few things of my own to add to our lore. Just keep in mind that this page is under heavey construction.

Pathways To Unholy Places

c e m e t e r i e s: A good site to help scope out future jobs
GRAVELY MISTAKEN: Haunt of Vamphyri: Vampires and other Night Breeds
Halloween Productions: Stuff for the delusional people who think the Night Breeds are not real
Shadow: More of the Night Breed
Dark Shadows Supernatural Page: A page dedicated to the TV show Dark Shadows
Legends of Darkness: Main Page: And Another Night Breed page
Gallery Of The Damned: Some Dark Poetry from my brothers and sister, plus some of my own poetry
Darkness On The Edge Of Town: This is a good link with lot's of differnt things to look at
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page: This is one very cool site
Paragon's Haunted Web Page:Winner of 47 awards, this is one great site
The Cthulhu Mythos: A Guide: A guide to the Cthulhu Mythos
LORD OF ILLUSIONS: A great movie, this is the official website
Robert W. Chambers and the King in yellow: Just Cheak this page out, it's a good one
Shadara's Ancient World:Learn about places lost in time!
List of Mythos Tales (30-Jul-1996): Ever wonder how many books mention the mythos of H P Lovecraft, here is the entire list!
Pirate King's Home Page:Adventure on the high sea, the ocean breeze in your face, what I wouldn't give to be a pirate
The Encyclopedia Mythica: Looking for a certain myth? here is a myths browser

This Grave Has Been Robbed times.