My Kind of Music...

    Hello peoples, Jamie here.  Some of you may not like Bane's 
style of music, and quite frankly neither do I, so here are some 
other bands we listen to that I think you might enjoy.

Band Sites

Starlust's Lush Page
Sarah's Ani DiFranco Page
KoRnoPHoBiA A Korn Page
Jen Trynin
Red Five
Better Than Ezra
Meredith Brooks
Bad Religion
S p a c e
"Big Dwarf Rodeo" : The Reverend Horton Heat
The Official Letters to Cleo Homepage
Jack Off Jill
The First Limp Bizkit Webpage

Veruca Salt Links!!!!

The Bunny Hutch:
Veruca Salt:
Veruca Salt--Forsythia:
Celebrate You: The Veruca Salt Page:

The Safe Pathway Back

The Grave Robber's Domain: