The Tones Of My World

    The grave robbers of my clan have many differnt mucsical tastes,
I personaly like classical music myself.  However, I reilize that 
who will be lookig at this page most likely are not classical music 
fans so I've left this page to Bain and Jamie to run.  I think you'll 
find their tastes a little more to your liking than Motzart or Listz.

                                            -Sate Redd

Hello Peoples

    My name is Bain over the years of my existance I have found many
differnt types of music which I like, my favprtie being Industrial.
For those of you who do not know of Industrial music it basicly 
conssits of computer generated music.  Lyrics are often, but not always,
heavey, the beats are strong, and the sensation is unmatchable.  The
following is a list of some of the best Industrial bands there is today,
I hope you enjoy it.

The Links

Sister Machine Gun
Gravity Kills
Stabbing Westward
God Lives Underwater
The Nine Inch Nails Web Ring
Sneaker Pimps
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Chris Connelly Of Ministry
Spahn Ranch
Switchblade Symphony
Birmingham 6
Jonathan Sharp's Reality: Hexedene and others
Jane Jensen: Highway 90
Jane Jensen at Flip-Records
Jane Jensen at Interscope Records

If your favorite Industrial bands ins't one of those look it up
here The Goth/Industrial Database at HELIX or here  The Industrial Page.
Now for other types of music visit Jamie's music section here
Jamie's Music Page