Well it may seem odd that I would read as much as I do, but think about it. I can only work at night, so I have to find something to do during the day. So I cook a little (yes I said cook), I listen to some old tapes that belonged to my father, and I read my fathers books. I must say my father had good taste in alot of things. Well, like I was saying I sit in my house and read books during the day. I do other things, but I like books to a great extent. From Seince fiction to history, I read what I can, yet here I am with this strange feeling to share what I've read. It is something new for me, considering that I've hardly shared anything in my life other then my wisdom, and here I am telling what books that I recomend. So here they are, the books I recomend, oh and I will add new books as I find the time.

-Sate Redd

Horror Fiction

The Lurker At The Threshold: By H P Lovecraft
     If you ask me this is Lovecraft's masterpeice.  A truely thought
provoking novel, it is broken into three chapters, each having a differnt
narraitor.  It is a story about a man who moves into property owned by
his family, who are now all dead as I understood it other then his 
cousin.  He becomes possed by the spiret of his evil grandfather, a man 
who delt with the things man was not ment to know.  This Novel will keep
you wanting more, I read it in one day!

The King In Yellow: By Robert W. Chambers
     This is an exquiset piece of work.  It is a collection of loosely
connected stories, all of which are bound togeather by a strange play
called the King In Yellow.  The King In Yellow seems to make people go 
mad in the litteral sense.  This book is a must read!

The House On The Borderland: By William Hope Hogdson
     "A classic of the first water" -H P Lovecraft.  This is my favorite
novel, I have read it almost to the point where I know it word for word.
It is the story of a man who lives in a strange house.  It mostly has 
to do with the many strange adventures which the man partakes in due to
the strangeness of his home.  From space travel to a battle with odd
man-pigs.  It gives a feeling of utter cosmic horror, which is almost 
unparraleled by anyother author!

The House Of The Worm: By Gary Myers
     Gary is an author who's main influance is H P Lovecraft, this is quite
evedent in his style of writing.  However, he hits a tone that is not often
found by many of todays writers.  This book is deffinatly worth your while.

Science Fiction

The Time Machine: By H.G. Wells
   This book intrigues me greatly.  Just the idea of two entirely
different breeds of people living in the same time, one group dwelling
underground the other lives on the ground.  If you haven't read this
book yet I would advise you to do so.

The Last Planet: By Andre Norton
   This is a great novel, it has adventure, mystery, and even a big
surprize waiting at the end.  One person in this book is particularaly
interesting to me, the alien named Rolth.  He is a a reptilian nature,
with sensitive eyes and dry scaled skin.  However, he is not the only
alien in this book.  If you are looking for a quick read then take this
book into consideration.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: By Jules Verne
    A Classic book about a submarine that looks like a sea monster, a
strange sea cpatian and his life underwater, this book has just about 
everything that a fan of stories on the ocean could want.  I ,personaly,
a fasinated by the ocean, oh what secrets it could hold for explorers
of an adventurous nature.  If you haven't yet read this book, then what
are you waiting for?

October the First is Too Late:  by Fred Hoyle
    This story is a little hard to explain, it basicly has to do with
a sceince exparament that leads to the world being split into multiple
differnt times, both in the past and future.  For example the America 
is thrown into the future, while England is slid back to the time of
World War One.  If you like stories about alternate timelines, then 
this book will take you one step beyond.  


Strange World ,and, Stranger Than Science: By Frank Edwards
    Both of these books are filled with strange events that have happend
all over the world.  From weird creatures floating up onto sea shores
all the way to grave markers that move in differnt positions.  All of
these stories take up no more then three pages each, so you don't have
to sit down and read the whole book through at one time.  If you like
the unexplained then give this book a try.

The Grave Robber's Domain